UNEP FI Annual General Meeting (2006)

8-9 November 2006 | Geneva, Switzerland

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides a wonderful opportunity for Signatories to learn about UNEP FI’s past, present and future activities, voice their opinions on the various Work Programmes, Task Forces and Special Projects, discuss future strategies, elect new Steering Committee representatives, as well as network with peers. The 2006 AGM will also focus on UNEP FI’s biennial Roundtable, which is to take place in Melbourne, Australia in October 2007.

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  1. Draft Meeting Report (PDF: 423 KB)
  2. Background Document (PDF: 591 KB) containing
    • Agenda
    • Financial reports and proposed 2007 Budget
    • Overviews of 2006-2007 Work Programmes
  3. Voting and Proxy sheet (Word Document: 41 KB)
    • At the AGM there will be some decisions, which Signatories are required to vote on. For those who are unable to attend the event we would ask you to complete the Voting Form and return it to the Secretariat no later that 18.00hrs Central European Time (CET) on 7 November. If you are attending the event you can either forward the Voting Sheet to the Secretariat prior to the event or hand carry it to the meeting itself, where they will be collected.
    • On this form you are also able to offer your “Proxy” Vote to a fellow signatory who is attending the event, or to the Chair of the Initiative, and again this can be returned to the Secretariat as instructed above.
  4. Provisional List of Participants (PDF: 70 KB)
    If you have submitted a ‘Registration Form’ already we would ask you to review this list and ensure your name is included correctly.
  5. Logistical Information (PDF: 139 KB)
    Information to assist you in gaining entrance to the UN Offices at the Palais des Nations, Geneva.
  6. Security Form (Word Document: 49KB)
    Please complete this form and hand-carry with you to the event for security clearance to the building.

Other Documents