The framework review is a unique biennial process built into the Principles, to improve their effectiveness and ongoing relevance over time. 2022 is the first year that this review is taking place, and the the secretariat, PRB board and membership, with the process running from April 2022 to September 2022.

Following the consultation phase earlier this year, the PRB board has agreed that the 6 Principles will not change, however some clarifications and adjustments will be added to the two framework review documents. Below are the links to the draft:

The 3 key steps for signatories
The reporting and self-assessment template

These adjustments will be designed to support your work, simplify your tasks where possible and clarify existing ambiguities. Once approved by the PRB Board, the proposed amendments will be shared with you for your inputs and comment through a consultation process that will be open from 5 – 31 August 2022.

Two webinars took place on 5th and 8th August to discuss the proposed changes. In case you missed it, click here for the recording.

Give us your feedback!

The framework review is a collaborative process, and we deeply value your insights as we work on the Reporting and Self-Assessment Template. We invite you to kindly fill out this survey to ensure we are evolving towards a clearer reporting template and an easier reporting process for your bank. Your feedback on this first draft will be integrated into finalizing the framework documents to allow a better reflection of your bank’s work.

The consultation period will be open until August 31st, and the new framework documents will become effective on September 23rd. Please get in touch with in case you have any questions.