The Collective Progress Report is designed to demonstrate how PRB signatories as a group are bringing about positive change worldwide. The report is produced in line with Principle 6: “Transparency and Accountability”, and is designed to showcase progress, highlight and shape global best practices, detail how Signatories to the Principles are delivering on the commitments made, demonstrate their positive impact on society, and thereby maintain the credibility of the Principles and their Signatories.

It is mandatory for all PRB Signatories to input into the Collective Progress Report, which is scheduled for publication in Q4 2021.

What do Signatories need to do?
A Questionnaire  will be sent to each Signatory Bank at the end of March 2021, with 5 weeks available for completion. This straightforward questionnaire consists of pre-determined common indicators, and will ask banks to answer short questions and provide details with regard to how they are progressing in relation to specific KPIs where possible. The indicators have been designed by the Collective Progress Monitoring & Evaluation Working Group.