Profitability and Responsibility in the 21st Century

17-18 September, 1998 | Cambridge, UK At the Fourth International Roundtable Meeting on Finance and the Environment over 108 financial institutions gathered, joined by delegates from 18 government ministries as well as representatives from the business, foundation, and public interest communities, bringing the total audience to about 230. In the true spirit of the United Nations, we had over 35 countries represented from virtually every corner of the globe – from Brazil and Costa Rica to Bangladesh and China, Australia to Israel, Peru to Jordan, and the United States to the United Kingdom. During the Fourth International Roundtable Meeting, we explored the implications of emerging trends to the functions we perform, the markets and regulatory environments in which we operate, and our own corporate culture and public image. Presentations focused on effective strategies for pricing environmental risk in credit and investment, examining the latest developments in the fields of environmental disclosure and accounting and exploring the implications to the financial analyses we make. Participants discussed the role of external constituencies in shaping operating practices and considered the implications of the Kyoto protocol and climate change mitigation measures on political and market risk.