7-8 May 2014 | London, UK

The Global Water Investment Summit, which UNEP FI joined as a supporter and discussion participant, gathered investors, banks, governments, regulators, NGOs, water utilities, users of water and suppliers of water-related products and services from 13 countries around the topic of creating a long-term, sustainable water strategy – based on building resilience, minimizing negative industry impacts and supporting innovative technology. The event explored the water, waste and energy challenges as well as its interconnection with food around the globe, risk management, investing and financing water industry. Building on the findings of its water work stream, UNEP FI highlighted the unique role that the financial sector can and should play in mitigating and managing water risks, as well as the value and means of engagement with stakeholders for the creation of guidance, knowledge and frameworks for action on water risk management. http://www.euromoneyenergy.com/Assets/22/6976/index.htm