27 June 2012 | Asunción, Paraguay

UNEP FI/Ecobanking organized for the first time in Paraguay an Introductory Environmental and Social Risk (ESRA) training workshop in collaboration with the Sustainability Roundtable of Paraguay. This training session took place on the 23th of June at the Sheraton Hotel in Asunción. We convened this workshop as part of the objectives and activities of the Sustainability Roundtable of Paraguay with the aim of raising awareness amongst commercial bankers, risk & credit managers from Vision Banco, Sudameris, Continental and Regional Banks about the importance of incorporating ESRA considerations in their operations and consequential benefits. In the course of a day participants were oriented towards practical mechanisms and tools for implementing Environmental and Social Risk Management, case-study based exercises and activities, as well as peer-to-peer experience sharing from banking practitioners internationally like FMO and locally



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