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,Click here Website: Natural Capital Declaration Contacts biodiversity [at],The Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) will be launched at the Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Forum. The event’s program includes a thorough introduction to the NCD and a discussion with financial industry senior executives on their motivations for endorsing the NCD and ways to further hardwire natural capital into finance. For a long time, financial institutions have looked at climate change risks as the chief issue with a material impact on loans, investments and insurance products. That landscape is changing quickly, with biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation and water quality and availability emerging as important risk factors. At present capital markets do not sufficiently account for risks associated with unpredictable changes in ecosystems. There is a significant lag between a clear reflection of such risks and the hardwiring, notably valuation, integration and pricing of such risks into the inner working of our financial system. The NCD was borne to address these emerging risks. It is a finance-led initiative to integrate natural capital considerations into investment, banking and lending decisions and in purchasing decisions. Commitments are made at CEO-level to ensure executive support. In addition to commitments that financial institutions themselves make to change in their own organization, the NCD is also a call by the financial sector to governments to provide the enabling environment for the private – and financial – sector to make this transition. In that sense it is a starting point for the financial community to engage with other similar initiatives already underway among governments and in the wider corporate sector, to develop a future methodology to hardwire and integrate natural capital considerations. Confirmed speakers include: Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director and. Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Richard Burrett, Partner, Earth Capital Partners and Co-chair UNEP FI Andrew Mitchell, Director, Global Canopy Programme Barbara Krumsiek, Chief Executive Officer, Calvert Investments Carlos Frederico Aires Duque, Chief Executive Officer, Infraprev Rodrigo Sánchez Mújica, Chief Executive Officer, FIRA Banco de Mexico William Bulmer, Director, Environmental, Social and Governance Department, International Finance Corporation The NCD is co-convened by UNEP FI, the Global Canopy Programme (GCP), and the Center for Sustainability Studies (GVces) of the Business Administration School of the Getulio Vargas Foundation. Contact