31 March 2011 | Toronto, Canada

A new report by the NATF sheds some light on the progress of North American UNEP FI members in promoting environmental engagement among their institutions. The report was launched by a Scotiabank-hosted Expert Workshop in Toronto, Canada, on March 31, 2011. “If you ask us…: Making environmental employee engagement happen,” wraps up a wide-ranging survey conducted among 50 UNEP FI members over the second half of 2010. Findings point to the recent nature of the engagement phenomenon in North America’s corporate culture, and to the current emphasis of members on internal level projects aimed at improving their environmental performance, such as resource conservation initiatives. “If you ask us…” brings to the limelight a set of the industry’s best practices, offering unique insight on the challenges that lie ahead on the path to defining an environmental employee engagement geared toward the integration of sustainability in corporate culture. On the occasion of the launch, which took place at Scotiabank’s headquarters, some 50 UNEP FI member institutions representatives in attendance partook in an expert workshop on the environmental employee engagement best practices at the cutting-edge of their industry. Presentations and panel discussions from key practitioners and researchers in the field explored the business case for environmental employee engagement and pinpointed the approaches which are common to both categories of actors.