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Inclusive and Sustainable Economies Powering the Sustainable Development Goals

How can we redesign the global economy to bring it in line with the ecological thresholds? How can economic and financial policies and practices play a far greater role in addressing climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?

On March 27-28, over 350 ministers, heads of UN Agencies, business and thought leaders, representatives from civil society and development partners met in Berlin at the PAGE Ministerial Conference 2017 to discuss what it takes to further a “just transition” to economies which are more inclusive, stable and sustainable.

Titled “Inclusive and Sustainable Economies powering the Sustainable Development Goals”, the conference gathered first movers to explore how our economies and financial markets can be ‘enablers’ for the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

UNEP FI speakers on transparency and transformation towards green finance included Doris Kramer, Vice-President of Investment Strategies, Sustainability, KfW and Amal Benaissa, Senior Project Manager in Sustainable Finance, BMCE Bank of Africa Group, and Eric Usher, head of UNEP FI, led a session on Green Investment. Convening a fruitful discussion on various topics between industry leaders, banking regulators, and high-ranking government officials, many ideas on how the financial industry could support the move to a green economy were exchanged.

The consensus was that while it is courageous frontrunners who usually lead change, there is a strong demand for regulatory frameworks to support and disseminate their work. In particular, the work of UNEP FI was highlighted, citing examples of training and conferences that supported the pilot projects the leaders undertook. Speakers also underscored the opportunities offered by green investments and developments that have been made in this area. Aisha Mohamed Abdullah Al Abdooli, Chief Innovation officer for the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, highlighted the voluntary framework of the Dubai Declaration on Sustainable Finance which was announced during UNEP FI’s Global Roundtable in Dubai. Since its launch last October, it has attracted more than 32 financial institutions.

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