1 April 2014 | Milan, Italy

The workshop hosted by the Italian Banks Association in cooperation with the European Investment Bank and the Italian Forum for Sustainable Investment, emphasized the commitment of the finance sector in Italy to scale up the integration of environmental, social and governance considerations in its lending and investment practices. On the backdrop of growing and increasingly sophisticated voluntary corporate approaches, as well as the prospect of an increasingly demanding legislative framework, representatives from national and international sustainable finance initiatives, and public and private commercial banks, exchanged insights, experiences and concerns related to the evolution of sustainable finance in Italy, while making the link to developments on the European and international fronts. UNEP FI introduced some of its tested and newest tools on sustainable banking, as well as examples of emerging but fast-spreading national public-private collaborative approaches on sustainable finance from around the world. https://www.abi.it/DOC_Societa/Csr/Banche-e-Csr/Workshop_2014_04_01.pdf