Financial institutions are critical actors whose engagement is needed to reach society’s goals, meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement, tackle the triple planetary crisis, and allow for positive outcomes in the post-COVID 19 pandemic recovery. At Stockholm+50, UNEP FI is hosting a virtual associate event to assess the key role of financial institutions, and the implementation of their commitments to the SDGs and Climate Action under the UN-convened industry Principles and Alliances, focusing on the targets they have set and how this allows them to mobilise private finance for sustainable development and support governments and international organisations.

The webinar will gather European, Nordic, Swedish, and international financial institutions to the debate. The discussions will be inclusive and allow for a variety of approaches across jurisdictions to address observed issues. These approaches will be reflective of the 5 “R”s highlighted as the pathway for a healthy planet, in which we see the Financial Sector as both a key component and an enabler of that outcome.

The Stockholm+50 meeting, an international event convened by the United Nations General Assembly, marks 50 years of the creation of the United Nations Environment Programme and aims to contribute to efforts toward sustainable, green, and inclusive economies and a healthy planet for all.


Opening remarks
Panel 1 – What role do the Principles for Responsible Banking play in the Decade of Action?
Panel 2 – The purpose of the financial system beyond 2030
Closing remarks


Wim Mijs, CEO, EBF
Karoline Bakka Hjertø, Sustainability Manager, Sparebank 1 Østlandet
Karl-Oskar Olming, Head of Sustainability Strategy and Policy, SEB
Trine Lysholt Nørgaard, Director, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability, Jyske Bank
Annelise Vendramini, Coordinator of the Sustainable Finance Program, Centre for Sustainability Studies at FGV, and Member of the Civil Society Advisory Board, PRB
Hari Mann, Professor, Hult International Business School, and Co-Chair, Royal Society of Arts CDC Forum
Jake Barnett, Director, Sustainable Investment Stewardship, Wespath Institutional Investments
Eric Usher, Head, UNEP FI
Johanna Dichtl, Sustainability Expert & PRB Implementation Support Manager, UNEP FI
Rene Van Merrienboer, Acting Director, Sustainable Financial Systems, PRI