24-25 October 2007 | Melbourne Park – Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne gathering provided a great opportunity for bankers, insurers, asset managers and institutional investors from around the globe to discuss the latest ideas and challenges in the complex arena where finance, insurance, investment and capital markets meet with the sustainability agenda. UNEP FI’s vibrant global network of Regional Task Forces and partner organisations brought their informed perspective exploring regional and national developments. This year’s Global Roundtable in Melbourne was attended by more than 450 participants, among these more than 170 who have travelled from all over the world to Australia.

Presentations and session summaries

To read the session summaries and view the panel presentations of all sessions that are available, please go to the Programme page to download. Roundtable Wrap-up Summary (PDF: 3.0 MB)

Press feedback

The Global Roundtable was well covered by the media in Australia. Download a collection of articles that covered the Roundtable (PDF: 307 KB).

Green Event Post Conference Report

In accordance with the ‘Awareness to Action’ theme of the 2007 Global Roundtable, UNEP FI’s main Green Event aim was to measure and reduce the Ecological and Carbon Footprint of the Conference. To see what where the high impact areas that an event like this had or to learn more on how to guide in managing the environmental impacts for future events, please see the attached ‘Green Event Post Conference Report’ and ‘Carbon Offset Certificate’.

Carbon Leadership Awards

At the Roundtable Gala Dinner, UNEP FI has recognised carbon leadership in the financial sector through a series of awards. See the winners of the Carbon Leadership Awards.


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Now Online: The Melbourne Files

In the end, all finance will be sustainable. The only question is whether we arrive at it through necessity, having exploited the earth’s resources to the point where no other choices are left, or by enlightenment. UNEP FI has been one of the brightest stars helping us steer a course towards sustainable finance………read more

Julie Fox Gorte
Senior Vice President for Sustainable Finance,
Pax World Management Corp.