18-19 November 2014 | Frankfurt, Germany

The 2014 edition of VfU / UNEP FI Roundtable on Sustainable Finance, an annual multi-stakeholder meeting for German-speaking countries on responsible finance issues, focused on the fundamental question of the role of finance institutions vis-à-vis society, and in ensuring a stable and sustainable economy. Experts from academia, businesses, government and civil society organizations shared their insights on the evolving responsibility of financial institutions with respect to environmental and social challenges, the financial institutions’ understanding of stakeholders requirements with regard to sustainability, and examples of concrete solutions for financing positive change. The conference also looked at how emerging regulation and good practices from the wider business sector influence today the behavior of financial institutions with regard to sustainability. Over the two conference days, workshops were held on targeted topics pertaining to the sustainability function in financial institutions, including external reporting and internal communication, positive impact investing and sustainability across different lines of business in the finance sector. http://www.vfu.de/default.asp?Menue=1&News=116