Join this Responsible Investor webinar to find out how investors are assessing ocean risks like acidification, biodiversity loss, and plastics pollution, and how leaders plan to align their portfolios with principles for a sustainable blue economy. Ahead of G20 and G7 meetings this summer, it is an important time for investors to discuss tools for mobilising private capital to support a sustainable, climate-secure Blue Economy. Speakers will also consider approaches to modelling the investment implications of the phase-out of fossil fuel-based plastics and other unsustainable activities.

The transition from a conventional, extraction-focused ocean economy to a sustainable, climate-secure Blue Economy is a tremendous economic and investment opportunity for all investors. This unique webinar will bring together leading investors to debate the risks and opportunities for profiting from ocean resources in a sustainable manner while unlocking long-term value into the future.

Charlotte Kaiser, Acting Managing Director, NatureVest
Rolando Morillo, Vice President, Rockefeller & Co
Christof Ruehl, former Global Head of Research, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), and former Group Chief Economist and Vice President, BP plc
Anders Nordheim, Programme Leader – Ecosystems and Sustainable land use, UNEP Finance Initiative

Moderator: Dennis Fritsch, Researcher, Responsible Investor