8 August 2007, London, UK

A joint project of UNEP FI and Fauna & Flora International (FFI), the Natural Value Initiative aims to develop a benchmark tool for companies with agricultural supply chains – food and drink growers, processors and retailers – and companies with operations in China, South Africa, Brazil, USA and UK. The tool is aimed at raising awareness of the links between biodiversity, investment value and the finance sector. In this regard, UNEP FI and FFI convened a one-day workshop for investors, NGOs, food & drink producers, processors and retailers in London, kindly hosted by UNEP FI Signatory F&C Asset Management. The objectives of the workshop were to identify the business case for managing biodiversity impacts and risks within the food & drink sector, identify best-practice approaches to controlling biodiversity-related risks, and review the revised benchmarking methodology and its application. A similar workshop was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in early September.