Part of the value of being a UNEP FI member is the opportunity to learn from your peers, and leverage the large network of your fellow members – the world’s leading banks, insurers and investors. To help you interact with other members and to establish a conversation between members and the UNEP FI secretariat, we are launching the UNEP FI LinkedIn group. We will share information on this platform such as the latest news, upcoming webinars, new reports, requests for feedback and consultation etc, but we are hoping that you will use this as an opportunity to raise questions, to share your own work, ideas, and ask for the advice of fellow members, as well as posing questions to the secretariat.

This is a private group, open only to members who will sign up via their personal LinkedIn profile, so to ensure that this forum is a safe place for members and secretariat to exchange ideas, please do not forward details to non-member organisations, but feel free to share within your organisation. Please do not discuss sensitive information on the LinkedIn platform.

The primary language used will be English, but please use whichever language you feel most comfortable working in.

To join the group please click here, and your request will be accepted by a moderator. Don’t forget to log in regularly to see what’s going on, and contribute to the sustainable finance dialogue!