The UNEP FI Impact Analysis Tools have been designed  for banks, investors and their corporate clients and investee companies. In keeping with the unique holistic approach outlined in Rethinking Impact, UNEP FI’s grounding paper on impact and the SDGS, and the Principles for Positive Impact, these open-source tools enable practitioners to holistic aimpact analysis and management across their business activities.

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The Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks is designed to guide banks through an impact analysis of their portfolios. Developed jointly with signatories of the Principles for Responsible Banking and UNEP FI Member Banks, the Tool helps banks analyze the impacts associated with their portfolios. The analysis will enable banks to set targets where it matters in order to drive their contribution to society’s goals, as required by the Principles for Responsible Banking.
The Investment Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool was developed to enable financial institutions to holistically identify and assess the impacts associated with their investment portfolios. It requires users to input data about the nature, content and context of their portfolios. A set of in-built impact mappings is then combined with this data to help users identify the most significant impact areas of the portfolio and to reflect on their current impact performance, thus setting the basis for strategy development and target-setting.
The Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool was developed to enable financial institutions to holistically identify and assess the impacts associated with real estate investments and portfolios. There are multiple use cases for this kind of analysis, including: decision-making and due diligence in the context of asset acquisition; fund/portfolio review and management; impact target-setting as well as impact & SDG reporting.
The Corporate Impact Analysis Tool helps banks and investors gain a cross-cutting view of the impact status and possibilities of their clients and investee companies. It was developed through a Working Group of banks, investors and service providers. Following the Positive Impact Initiative’s unique approach, the Tool enables users to perform a holistic analysis of companies, based on the reality of those companies’ business activities and the needs of the countries in which they operate, whether for sourcing, production or sales.
Impact Analysis Working Groups

The Impact Analysis Working Groups provide a collaborative space in which practitioners can work together and learn from each other to implement holistic impact analysis using the UNEP FI Impact Analysis Tools. The Working Groups are also a creative space in which the existing Tools are further developed and additional Tools are developed on a needs-basis.

The following Working Groups are currently available:

  • Impact Analysis Working Group for Banks
  • Joint VRF/UNEP FI Working Group

Email us if you would like to get involved in our Working Groups.