Sixteen banks working in collaboration with UNEP FI, risk and investment management experts, and leading scientists have recently published a jointly developed methodology that will enable banks to be more transparent about their exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities, in line with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Find out more by listening to the recording of a webinar, held on 15 May and hosted by Environmental Finance. 

Listen to the recording here.

Speakers included:

  • Peter Cripps, Editor, Environmental Finance
  • John Colas (Partner and Vice Chairman), Ilya Khaykin (Partner) and Alban Pyanet (Principal) from Oliver Wyman Financial Services, who have supported the development of the methodology
  • Dr. Christoph Betram, a leading climate scientist from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), who has provided the scenarios to base assessments on
  • Representatives from the participating banks, all UNEP FI members, who have led the piloting of the methodology on their banks’ portfolios including:
    • Mathew Murphy, General Manager of Wholesale Credit and Head of Social & Environmental Risk from ANZ
    • David O’Brien, Head of Enterprise Risk & Wholesale Credit from ANZ
    • Ben Walker, Head of Sustainable Development from ANZ
    • Timur Kok, Vice President of Credit Risk from Barclays
    • Hui Wen Chan, Impact Analytics and Planning Officer of Corporate Sustainability from Citigroup
    • Rafael Mol Siqueira Goncalves, Social & Environmental Risk Management Officer from Itau Unibanco

Please find the detailed agenda here.

Listen to the recording here.

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