Environmental Finance and InsuranceERM are delighted to announce their inaugural Insurance & Climate Risk conference, taking place in London on 15 November.

Climate change and become one of society’s prime long-term issues and the insurance sector is now responding. Traditionally focused on weather and the short-term insurance cycle there is now the realization that on both the asset and the liability side, insurance companies are exposed.

The conference looks at how the investment, risk, actuarial and underwriting teams can and should be getting to grips with the significant risks posed by climate change. It will address the important role insurers can play in mitigating what could be the next big source of systemic risk in the financial system. It will also look at opportunities created by climate risk for both sides of the balance sheet.

Special insight presentations:

  • State of play of the global climate response at an international, political and sector level
  • The disruptive cascade effect of physical environmental risks: impact on insurance risk and global industry
  • Modelling physical environmental risks: the challenge of combining climate risk modelling with Nat Cat modelling
  • True asset valuation: stranded assets; assessing and addressing transition risk

Panel discussions:

  • Steps towards incorporating ESG considerations into the investment decision
  • The reinsurers panel
  • Overview of opportunities for the insurer as a result of climate change
  • Investing in renewables
  • Investing in green bonds – making green bonds more accessible

UNEP FI Special offer:

  • 30% discount with code UNEP30

For more information, to register or view the agenda visit www.environmental-finance.com/ICR17 or email tommaso.dimitri@fieldgibsonmedia.com.


UNEP Finance Initiative is pleased to be a supporter of Environmental Finance‘s 2017 events series, taking place in Europe and North America.

The conferences feature lively panel discussions providing in-depth insights and keynote presentations on a broad range of environmental issues including sustainable investments, climate change, weather risk management, policy and legislation, environmental insurance, and more.