The International Organisation of Pension Supervisors (IOPS) has opened a public consultation on Supervisory Guidelines on the integration of ESG factors in the investment and risk management of pension funds. The consultation is open for feedback until 11 March 2019.

IOPS is an independent international standard-setting body representing those involved in the supervision of private pension arrangements. Formed in 2004, and supported by the OECD, IOPS has 87 members and observers representing 75 jurisdictions and territories worldwide.

The proposed guidelines will be critical in promoting ESG integration amongst pension fund regulators, and will provide an important regulatory support for sustainable pension fund management on an international level.

This regulatory development is also aligned with the recommendations of our OECD roadmap published in December 2018.

Both the OECD and IOPS need investor feedback and support to move forward on this agenda.

We therefore encourage you to submit comments on this draft either by sending your comments to by March 1st, 2019, or by submitting comments directly to IOPS.

To learn more about the modern interpretation of fiduciary duty, which includes the integration of ESG factors, please visit here.