Webinar Recording


Webinar | 3 October, 2:00 PM CET

Physical impacts of climate change continue to intensify and grow in frequency with increasingly disruptive implications on socio-economic systems. Public perception and prioritisation of climate change mitigation is hence expected to sharpen. In the face of these and other such emerging challenges adopting responsible investment approaches by accounting for and disclosing GHG emissions can fundamentally protect and enhance asset value whilst mitigating long-term risk to the investment performance. Attendees to this Webinar will hear about a set of core issues for financial investors covered in the UNEP FI Investor Briefing – Measuring and Disclosing the Carbon Intensity of Investments and Investment Portfolios in respect to: • Why are corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions important to you, now more than ever? • Why should you start measuring and disclosing the GHG emissions associated with your investments? • How can you address the GHG emissions associated with your investments and investment portfolios? Speakers: Dr. Julie Gorte, Senior Vice President, PAX World Nigel Topping, Chief Innovation Officer, Carbon Disclosure Project Julian Poulter, Executive Director, Asset Owners Disclosure Project Bill Hartnett, Head of Sustainability, Local Government Superannuation Scheme Australia Moderator: Nick Robins – Head of Climate Change Centre, HSBC


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