Company Profile
The Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (Development Bank of Brazil)- BNDES is a federal public company that is associated to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, which has as an objective to long term financing of endeavors that contribute towards the development of the country. This financing activity results in the Brazilian economy’s improved competitiveness and in the increased quality of life of its population.

BNDES also seeks to strengthen the capital structure of private companies and the development of the capital markets, the trade of machines and equipment and the financing of exports. The financial support lines and the BNDES programs serve the needs of investments of companies of any size and sector, established in the country. The partnership with financial institutions, with agencies established around the country, allows the dissemination of credit, enabling greater access to the BNDES’s resources.

The BNDES considers itself to be of fundamental importance, in the execution of its credit policy, by taking into account ethical-environmental principles and a commitment to the principles of sustainable development. The BNDES supports projects that have a direct impact on the improvement of the population’s living conditions in the areas of urban, environmental, social, regional and rural development. In particular, an important role is the support to social investments aimed at education and health, family agriculture, basic sanitation and collective mass transport.

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