Company Profile: 
Founded in 1995, Brasilcap is an industry leader that has been behind many of the innovations introduced in our market, such as the first 100% redeemable premium bonds. With the changes announced in the regulatory framework for the premium bond market, the Company is preparing to launch further innovations in 2019 to ensure we remain at the forefront of our industry. Brasilcap’s leadership was recognized in 2018 by our listing in the Finanças Mais annual list (published by the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo) as the number 1 premium bond company for “Total Assets”, “Technical Provisions” and “Return on Equity”. We were also presented with a Corporate Citizenship Certificate by the Rio de Janeiro State Regional Accounting Board (CRC- CRCRJ) for the eighth year in a row. In addition, Brasilcap won the 5th National Conference on Business-Customer Relations (CONAREC) award for contactcenter excellence in the “Pensions and Premium Bonds” category.

Mission: Provide premium bond solutions helping people and businesses to achieve their goals
Vision: To help improve people’s lives through premium bonds, to be a leader in our segment and to contribute to the sustainable development of our society
•  Adaptability
• Commitment
• Excellence
• Innovation

Social and environmental responsibility:
Brasilcap’s efforts to re-signify our products and services have included a reassessment of our approach to social, environmental and governance issues. Just as our premium bonds help to improve people’s lives, Brasilcap’s social and environmental responsibility initiatives provide opportunities to build a better future through educational and cultural projects, environmental protection initiatives, and corporate governance initiatives that effectively contribute to the sustainability of the business. In 2018, these initiatives became further connected to Brasilcap’s Mission, Vision and business strategy, and efforts were made to increase the engagement of our salesforce and business partners.  All initiatives are strictly compliant with Company guidelines as expressed in policy documents such as our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, which establishes guidelines on social and environmental topics that are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Instituto Ethos indicators, and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices recommended by the National Insurance Confederation (CNseg).  In addition, Brasilcap is the only premium bond company in Brazil to have subscribed to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI)—a framework of recommendations developed by the United Nations Environment Program – Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) for the insurance industry to address risks and opportunities in managing corporate sustainability.  GRI 102-12, 102-13 To ensure our social and environmental indicators are effective and continually improved, Brasilcap uses the Ethos Indicators as a tool we believe is best suited for our organizational culture and effective in monitoring and implementing new indicators.  Our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy also requires compliance with laws and regulations, and encourages support for public initiatives. Brasilcap supports and promotes these initiatives through publications on social media and initiatives involving our employees, such as the Pink October Campaign. Financial education initiatives are also included in this context. GRI 103 | 415. To achieve further progress on ESG issues, a new strategic plan will be launched in 2019 that will ensure sustainability is more firmly embedded in our strategy. In 2018, our priority sustainability commitment was to implement a financial education program aligned with our vision of premium bonds as a savings vehicle for customers. This goal was achieved with the launch of the Brasilcap Financial Education Program (EDUCAP). Our support for the Association for Assistance to Disabled Children (AACD) was also maintained in the year, with contributions of redemption proceeds from our Parcela Premiável products setting a new record in the year. In addition, the Company retained its position as a leading cultural sponsor with its support for the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition, a high-profile attraction at the Banco do Brasil Culture Center (CCBB) during the year.

 Link to PSI Sustainability Progress Report 2018: