Caja Ingenieros Vida is an insurance entity authorized in order to operate in the life insurance sector, covering typical life risks, and also includes the pension funds management activity. Caja Ingenieros Vida is part of Caja de Ingenieros Group, which is a cooperative financial and insurance group. Its main mission is to provide value to members in order to cover their financial and insurance needs, contributing to the sustainable social development. The cooperative model, which is the foundation of Caja de Ingenieros Group, fosters principles of ethics, commitment, trust and social responsibility and, therefore, a return for its
members and employees, professional communities and society in general.

The particular vision of Caja Ingenieros Vida is to be the benchmark entity of the Caja de Ingenieros Group members in terms of complementary welfare. To achieve this goal, it provides specific complementary social welfare and personal protection services adapted to the individual needs of each member.
The reasons for becoming a signatory of the Principles for Sustainable Insurance are, among others, strengthening the different commitments of the cooperative model that is part of our DNA. This leads Caja Ingenieros Vida to the objective of generating shared value, always through a sustainable and responsible insurance model. Becoming a signatory of the PSI is another example of Caja Ingenieros Vida’s commitment to generate a positive impact on society.