Operating throughout the Brazilian territory, Brasilseg is an insurance company positioned as a solution provider by allying its wide range of insurance solutions with quality services and simple processes and systems.

Brasilseg keeps sustainability in its business strategy, developing initiatives to create values for society, always involving all of its stakeholders.

Aware that the UN PSI was created to guide sustainable practices among companies of the insurance sector, the company is lined up to these principles by believing in its importance for the development of the segment.

We stand as a sustainability reference in the Brazilian insurance market, since the “Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade” (Exame Guide for Sustainability) elected us as the most sustainable insurance company in the year of 2017, and by being part of its list of the “most sustainable companies in Brazil” for six consecutive years.

With the formalization of the company membership with the UN PSI, our expectation is to enhance and strengthen the culture of sustainability in the insurance segment, with the conclusion of the actions:

• Introduction of the principles of the UN PSI in business strategy and in the process of evaluating each business unit.
• Discuss the development of new products and services that introduce the vision of the UN PSI in several areas.
• Increase the dissemination of UN PSI to employees and business partners.
• Keep being the reference in the insurance industry with the incorporation of the UN PSI in the strategic management of the business and continue to develop initiatives to disseminate the principles, achieving results and communicating them to the public.