CreditEase is a FinTech conglomerate in China, specializing in inclusive finance and wealth management, including payment technology, marketplace lending, crowdfunding, robo-advisory, insurance technology, and blockchain products and services. CreditEase actively engages with global FinTech innovators through business incubation, commercial cooperation and investment.

CreditEase and Sustainability
CSR of CreditEase is designed to advocate responsible finance to allow valuable social resources to reach individuals and organizations through excellent platforms, where they could gain funding, trust, and opportunities to create greater social value, and a healthy development environment for hundreds of industries.

Since its establishment, CreditEase has been working hard for this dream. Over the past decade, it has linked social responsibility and business closely, delivered social value through financial innovation.

Responsible finance supports the healthy and vigorous development of industry, allowing social resources to be allocated to talented people and organizations.


In 2009, CreditEase launched its ‘YiNongDai’ online platform to assist impoverished families in rural areas in gaining financial support. Through the ‘YiNongDai’ Microfinance Rural Assistance Platform, philanthropy oriented lenders are able to provide funds to aid poor farmers in rural areas who are in urgent need of a loan and help them move out of poverty.

Inclusive No.1 wholesale fund
In 2012, CreditEase united with many institutions to set up Inclusive No.1 Public Welfare Microfinance Wholesale Fund, which is the first trust fund providing financial support to Public welfare microfinance institutions by wholesale bank entrusted loans through marketing operation.

The Green Factoring Program
In December 2014, for the first time in China, individual investors were allowed to buy creditors’ rights of Green SMEs from an equity trading center, the Hainan Equity Trading Center. The SMEs are selected according to an evaluation system of Institute of Environment and Development, a third party research institute.

ACIV, CreditEase Small Act Huge Love Trust Plan
In January 2015, CreditEase Wealth partnered with ACIV Trust to launch the two-year Small Act, Huge Love AVIC (CreditEase) Structured Assembled Funds Trust Plan • Phase 1 Love Save Pneumoconiosis Project. The trust donates 2.3% of interest to support pneumoconiosis patients, not only supporting their medical treatment but also providing educational and financial assistance to their families. This is a brand new method to raise philanthropic funds.

China Initiative for Social Finance
China Initiative for Social Finance, or CISF for short, is a service project which is launched by the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Beijing Normal University and CreditEase CSR department. CISF partnered with Harvard Initiative for Responsible Investment (IRI) and Asia Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), aiming to create an international support platform for social finance.


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