Company Profile
Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak (HBOR) is a development and export bank entirely owned by the Republic of Croatia. The Bank was established in June 1992. Main HBOR’s activities are (1) financing economic and infrastructure development, (2) financing exports, (3) promoting small and medium sized enterprises and (4) insuring exports against political and commercial risks.
The objective of HBOR is to strengthen the competitiveness and successfulness of the Croatian economy through the above activities and by providing advisory services.
HBOR’s long term goal is to become recognisable financial and development institution of the Republic of Croatia with a mission to provide support for the Croatian economy, employ and create experts by abiding to the strict ethical standards of business conduct.
HBOR & Sustainability/CSR
– support for national strategies of environment protection and sustainable development
– raising awareness of environmental protection and biological diversity issues in Croatia and their alignment with the EU standards
– promoting development and financing of domestic industry in sustainable development sector
– development of new financial products designed to support sustainable development projects
– building institutional capacity in compliance with the objectives of sustainable development
– financial and technical assistance of UNDP for development of know-how in preparation and financing of sustainable development initiatives
– establishment of the social reporting system and preparation of HBOR CSR Programme
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