Gard is a shipowner-controlled provider of  P&I, marine and energy insurance products. Founded in Arendal in Norway, it is one of the largest marine insurers in the world, offering shipowners and operators, shipyards, contractors and oil companies a breadth and choice of products not available anywhere else in one place.

For over 100 years, Gard has focused on providing the maritime industries with insurance products that offer financial protection and practical assistance when disaster strikes. Today Gard has 38% of the Nordic marine hull market and 17% market share among the International Group pf P&I Clubs.

Gard has a A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s, one of the highest security ratings in the marine market.

Now, with over 550 staff, from many nationalities and cultures, in 13 offices around the world, Gard can deliver the right skill set to the right place at the right time. Everything Gard does is about getting others back to “business as usual”.

Enabling sustainable maritime development is at the core of Gard’s mission statement toward 2025 and beyond. Gard’s Board of Directors has approved its policy on Sustainable Business that sets out the general framework for Gard’s work in this area. The policy defines sustainability as an integrated approach to working to fight corruption, reduce their environmental impact, protect labour rights and respect human rights throughout Gard’s value chain. Their overriding objective is to carefully manage their impact on ESG issues, leading to long term profit and growth.

By participating in this initiative, Gard could improve its understanding of ESG risks and opportunities, and become better at managing these in a systemic manner.