Brief Overview of Organization

Handelsbanken Liv conducts life insurance operations that includes traditionally managed insurance, unit-linked and portfolio bond insurance and risk insurance. Handelsbanken Liv is a wholly owned subsidiary to Svenska Handelsbanken AB (publ). Distribution of insurances is done through Handelsbankens branches and online services, where long-term savings products are a natural part of the customer offering.

As a significant provider of pension and insurance products, Handelsbanken Liv has an important role to play in the transition to a more sustainable economy. In order to fulfill the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, capital must be redirected to investments that support sustainable development.

Climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions is seen as a global challenge by Handelsbanken Liv. The effects of global warming on the world economy has consequences for companies in a number of industries, including the financial industry. Climate change is therefore an important focus area in Handelsbanken Liv sustainability work.