Company Profile:
Itaú Unibanco is the largest private bank in Brazil – and one of the largest companies in the world, according to Forbes ranking, taking into account attributes such as generated business, assets and market value.

With 91 years of history and tradition, today we have over 90,000 employees, nearly 60 million customers and over 95,000 shareholders. But our goal goes far beyond providing banking services and generating value for our shareholders.

The reason behind our operations is that, as a bank, we must help people and businesses to have a healthy relationship with money and make good financial choices.

A financial institution can help make dreams come true and invest in big ideas. A bank encourages people to grow and businesses to progress. This is the purpose that guides Itaú Unibanco. Our responsibility for the country’s development is at the core of our activity.

We want to be a transformation agent. We want to drive improvements and be a leader in sustainable performance and customer satisfaction. We want to win the admiration and trust of everyone who relates to us and inspire people to think innovatively to transform the world.

The #issomudaomundo platform presented in our communication campaigns summarizes our dream. Through it, we invite everyone to engage in causes capable of generating positive social impacts and to promote behavioral changes that result in building a better life.

Itaú Unibanco has its own causes. In addition to investing in initiatives aimed at promoting general education and financial education, we support projects related to culture, sport and urban mobility. We strongly believe in the strength that each of these pillars has to change the world.

Sustainability Strategy:
Our vision is to be the leading bank in sustainable performance and customer satisfaction. For us,
sustainable performance is to generate shared value for employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society, ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction.
The latter is understood as the customer’s perception of meeting the requirements expected by providing a service.
We share this vision with our employees who, by identifying with our values ​​and strategies, develop and offer solutions tailored to customer profiles. We seek to promote financial education, integrate social and environmental issues into business and activities, and adopt transparency in our practices, building balanced and perennial relationships. Satisfied customers relationships with the bank throughout their lives, in the development of their projects and businesses, generate financial results for our shareholders.

However, our goal goes beyond financial results. We also seek to generate value whereby we base our actions and wish to be a partner in the development of our people, society and the countries where we operate.
In this context, we recognize our responsibility to play a transformative role by acting beyond our operations and contributing to positive impacts on the market and society. In this policy, we express our principles, strategy and guidelines for sustainability and environmental responsibility at Itaú Unibanco.