Korea Asset In Trust (KAIT) is a leading real estate trust firm in Korea, member of MDM Group, which is the first vertically integrated real estate finance group.

Established in 2001, KAIT’s market service is providing customized financial solution, to each real estate concerned project. Trustee (clients) can be provided with variety of services on their demands including management, development, disposal of real estate and etc. We always have believed that by putting our trustees’ (clients’) interest before ours can maximize mutual benefit. As a part of MDM Group, the foremost real estate finance group in Korea, we not only offer exclusive service to our client but also pursue the greater value for the happiness of society.

Summary of sustainability strategy

With stringent business standards concerning sustainability, KAIT upheld the genuine value that is not only about stakeholders’ profit but also about society and environment. Our belief is that complying such standards does not harm our interest. Rather, with holistic approach, will eventually benefit all. KAIT, in every implemented real estate project (development etc), managed to obtain building efficiency certification, which contains criteria of energy demand and carbon emission per unit area. Furthermore, we recognize growing necessity of localization due to issue of urban density. Thus, for decades, most of our projects were implemented in regional area other than Seoul metropolitan area.