LocalTapiola Group is a mutual group of companies owned by its customers. It serves private customers, farmers,  entrepreneurs, corporate customers and organisations. LocalTapiola’s products and services over non-life, life and pension insurance, as well as investment and saving services.

The Group comprises of the leading parent company LocalTapiola General (non-life), regional companies (non-life), LocalTapiola Life, LocalTapiola Asset Management, LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management, LocalTapiola Alternative Investment Funds and LocalTapiola Finance. LocalTapiola’s network of regional companies consists of 20 regional mutual insurance companies.

LocalTapiola employs approximately 3,400 people, half of whom work in the regional companies. The number of owner-customers is nearly 1.6 million.

Sustainability is an integral part of our newly revised lifelong security strategy and we are willing to publicly demonstrate our organization’s adoption of sustainable insurance aims and our accountability to our customers and other stakeholders in managing ESG issues. We also believe that signing the principles will help us to broaden our organisation’s understanding of these issues and further execute sustainable actions in our operations.