Company Profile
Mapfre is Spain’s leading insurance group with a market share of 14.3% of total direct insurance premiums, 17.6% in Non Life insurance and 9.9% in Life insurance. Mapfre conducts insurance, reinsurance, financial, property and service activities. Mapfre is the strongest brand name and widest distribution network of any Spanish insurer, present in 38 countries, employing 19.920 staff. Mapfre is one of the largest insurers in Latin America, present in 12 countries.
Mapfre main’s offices are in Madrid.

Mapfre & Sustainability / CSR
The sense of social responsibility has been inseparable from MAPFRE for many years and forms part of the institutional principles of action laid down in its Code of Good Governance, which establishes that ‘the activity of MAPFRE and all those who are involved in its management at any level must be inspired by a sense of service to society in general, by way of recognition of their duty and responsibility to the proper development and progress of the same.’
MAPFRE’ consider, first and foremost, that this principle must be translated in the way in which the activities of a company are managed, so that the greatest contribution made by the companies to society must be the generation of wealth, creation of employment, equity in the relationships among all associated parties (employees, policyholders and customers, collaborators, suppliers etc.), strict compliance with the legal and fiscal obligations which being part of society entail, and the maintenance of high ethical standards in corporate management.
Furthermore, for more than thirty years MAPFRE has been allocating part of its revenues to promoting and financing non-profit making activities of social interest through various foundations, the first of which was set up in 1975.
Our Environmental policy is inspired in the Corporate Governance Code and covers the following areas:
* Environmental and Business
* Environmental Management
* Environmental Responsibility

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