Company Profile

Since the incorporation of Namibia National Reinsurance Corporation Ltd (NamibRe) in 2001, our primary business activity has always been reinsurance. Over the 18 years we’ve perfected our business operation and found ways to prepare for and manage business risks. We’ve also have been doing that in a responsible and forward-looking way in order to lessen its impact.

NamibRe fully supports the projects and activities of the United Nations in particular (e.g. environmental, social and governance issues that relate to climate change, natural disasters, ecosystems degradation, human rights violations, health risks, aging populations, financial exclusion and corruption).

For that reason, we find it necessary and beneficial to join institutions or organisations that promote sustainable development. In that way we can learn from each other and utilize our combined efforts to make the world a better place. The global sustainability framework and initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative will help organizations catalyze the kind of financial and investment flows and long-term perspectives needed for sustainable development.

Our participation in this initiative speaks to our understanding of the impact that climate change has on our business operations and the environments, we operate in. We aim to align our operations and strategy to promote a sustainable future.