Company Profile:
Porto Seguro is a Brazilian company located in the central region of São Paulo. Founded in 1945, it is recognized as one of the largest insurers in the country for its performance in the Auto and Home Insurance segments.

In addition to operating in the main lines of property and personal insurance, Porto Seguro offers, through its 27 member companies, more than 50 products and services, such as consortiums, financial solutions, protection and monitoring, occupational health, among others. others.

MISSION: Our mission is to take risks and provide services through family service that exceeds expectations, ensuring agility at competitive costs with social and environmental responsibility.


Sustainability Strategy:
Porto Seguro understands that the sustainability of its business is directly associated with the performance of its operation, social justice, economic balance and cultural diversity.

In search of a better world for current and future generations, the company created the Ser + Gentil program, bringing together social, environmental, cultural and sports initiatives in actions that seek to raise awareness and engage people.

From punctual actions as well as recurring actions, employees and partners develop activities that contribute directly to the development of skills and behaviors present in the essence of the brand such as kindness, care, humanity, empathy and helpfulness, among others.

Sustainability Progress Report 2018 (Portuguese):