Sbanken was launched in 2000, as Norway’s first online-only bank with no branch offices, under the name Skandiabanken. Transparency, no fees and a fully digital, simple concept meant that the bank was able to challenge the industry and quickly gain a customer base during its first years of operation. Already in 2000, Sbanken (then Skandiabanken) was the first Norwegian bank to introduce ethical labelling of the funds the bank distributes. One of Sbanken’s main ambitions is to enable their customers make smart and sustainable choices with a long-term perspective.

As responsible banking is becoming increasingly important for financial institutions, Sbanken SA strongly believes that signing up for the UNEP FI will enable the bank to accelerate its ambition with regard to sustainable development. Sbanken has since its inception been devoted to having a positive impact on society, by promoting products and services which increase customers’ incentives to make sustainable choices.