Company Profile
Seguradora Líder – DPVAT is a nationally traded company, consisting of Insurers participating in the DPVAT Insurance Consortium.
Our Mission is to manage with efficiency and transparency the mandatory insurance of traffic accidents, providing the population with full knowledge and facilitated access to its benefits.
Our Vision is to be recognized for excellence and transparency in the administration of traffic accident insurance.

ETHICS – Do the right thing, with righteousness.
TRANSPARENCY – Give disclosure and justification for the decisions made.
SIMPLICITY – Uncomplicated and being accessible, empathic and human.
SUSTAINABILITY – Perpetuate the company in all dimensions.
COMMITMENT – Act as owner.
MERITOCRACY – Valuing and recognizing  performance and results generated.

DPVAT Insurance is recognized as a relevant social protection instrument for more than 210 million Brazilians, offering comprehensive coverage for all victims of traffic accidents registered in the national territory. Protection is ensured for a period of up to 3 years within the three coverage provided for by law: death, permanent disability and reimbursement of medical and additional expenses. Values are also defined by law.


Sustainability Strategy
Sustainability has been incorprated in our strategy since its one o four values and is part of our Strategy Map being the most important strategy objective. The Organization has been developing the theme inside aligning social, environmental and governance initiatives to PSI, of which we have been signatories since 2012.

Some of the initiatives we can show below:

  • Creation of a multidisciplinary group (“SustentabiLíder Group”) to focus on planning and developing actions, in addition to support in dissemination;
  • Relevance matrix for prioritizing ESG actions creation and implementation;
  • Participation in the Thematic Committee of the National Confederation of Insurers, in order to contribute with others and being aligned with market;
  • Preparation and dissemination of the biannual Sustainability Report, since 2014;
  • Subscription to the World Heritage Protection Guide, in 2019;
  • Exclusive intranet area for sustainability theme, with access for all employees;
  • Dissemination of awareness campaigns for employees;
  • Launch of conscious specific materials disposal campaigns, with submission to institutions appropriate for responsible disposal;
  • Launch of donation campaigns according to the Brazilian calendar of sustainability dates;
  • Presentation of the theme in a specific event for all new employees;
  • Transparency and engagement being development through a periodic event named “Café Com Líder”, where employees have the opportunity to dialogue with the company’s leaders, launched in 2017;
  • Development of the theme “Diversity” in specific events and with the participation of employees.