Company Profile

Sompo Japan, the leading comprehensive service provider for risk and asset management, was established on July 1, 2002, through the merger of the two companies; Yasuda Fire and Marine and Nissan Fire and Marine. “Sompo” is an abbreviated term for property and casualty insurance in Japanese.
We conduct business through our 651 offices in Japan and 41 overseas, and a workforce of 14,705 employees as of the end March 2005. As almost all property and casualty insurance in Japan are procured by insurance agents, Sompo Japan cooperates with approximately 69,000 agencies nationwide, with the head office in Tokyo.
Sompo Japan offers comprehensive risk and asset management service, including general insurance products, risk management consulting and asset management services, and net premiums written in fiscal 2004 amounted 13,519 billion JPY.


Sompo Japan & Sustainability / CSR

Sompo Japan began its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the 1970s through contributions to arts and culture. Our efforts to tackle environmental problems as a corporation started in 1992 with the creation of the Department of Global Environment. Since then we have continued these activities under the motto of “participation, self-motivation, and perseverance.”

In 1995 we became a signatory to the UNEP Statement of Environment Commitment by the Insurance Industry. In 1997, we became the first financial institution in Japan to acquire ISO 14001 certification. We also have been a member of the WBCSD since its establishment. We also offer a variety of insurance and financial products that could contribute to the environmental protection, such as our eco-fund and SRI fund. Since 2000 we have been steadily extending the scope of our initiatives to encompass CSR. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will continue to contribute towards a sustainable society, while aiming to enhance corporate value.

Sompo Japan Environment Principle and Corporate Citizenship Principle support individual employee volunteer activities and promote diverse corporate initiative especially in the field of fine arts, social welfare and environment.


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