Brief Overview of Organization

Managing risks for people and companies is part of VHV Group identity. VHV Group is a proficient, dependable partner in the areas of insurance, pensions, and wealth. Its consistent strategic vision, built on the one hand on tradition and experience while forward-looking and focused on new goals on the other, gives VHV Group a strong foundation.

The companies in the VHV Group are specialized experts operating independently in clearly defined market segments. VHV Holding AG controls the Group’s strategic development and focus. To this day, VHV Group has maintained its legal form as a mutual.

The VHV Group is organized as a mutual insurance out of conviction. That means that with VHV Group, it is not a question of short-term shareholder value and the greatest possible benefit to third parties but of lasting customer focus and product quality for policyholders as well as reliability as an employer driven by values.

Modern, lean structures, clearly defined spheres of business, outstanding customer service and efficient cost management are the secrets of VHV Group success.The well-established, Hanover-based VHV Group specializes in insurance and pension plans. For both policy holders and brokers, the VHV Group is a professional and future-driven partner with brands such as “VHV Versicherungen”, “Hannoversche” and “VAV Versicherungen” (Vienna). It offers property/casualty and life insurance. The VHV Group bases its success on a strong work-force of approximately 3,300 advanced organization, efficient cost management and customer-focused products.