Day two of the Global Roundtable, following on from “changing finance” on the previous day, focused on “financing change”, in particular on mobilizing finance to foster a more sustainable economy. With sessions focusing on emerging economies, energy efficiency, ESG metrics, capacity building, scientific data, societal issues, and leadership, participants delved into the multiple facets of Sustainable Finance. Many participants were pleasantly surprised to find that emerging economies from Asia, Africa and Latin America were leading the way in innovative financial policies that promote a green economy. The session on scientific data called for policy-makers and regulators to not ignore science in decision-making, but embrace it to have a better understanding of meta and other environmental trends. Culminating in Plenary 4, The Way Forward for Sustainable Finance, the Global Roundtable ended with a look back at the origins of finance, and its fundamental purpose in society, as well as predictions for the future of finance. More information at