UNEP FI and WWF, with the support of the IIGCC, welcome you to the event “Financing real transformation? Designing an effective financial mechanism under the Convention” on 6 December in Cancun, Mexico at the Jaguar Room. Amidst the UNFCCC Cancun negotiations, we bring together the combined voice of the NGO community and the private financial sector regarding the financing of action to tackle climate change. There is powerful convergence of opinion between NGO community and private finance on the need for increased public finance for climate change action in order to leverage greater amounts of private finance in support of the transition to low-carbon and resource-efficient economic development. The session will explore how significantly scaled up public and private financing are both needed, and how the financial mechanism under the Convention should both aim to leverage private finance and channel public finance into adaptation and mitigation efforts that lack an immediate commercial dimension. The event will highlight what private finance can do in a climate change mitigation context, and in the same time what it cannot do, bringing as speakers key government negotiators, Deutsche Bank and the WWF. Media representatives are welcome. See the Media Advisory. See the Press Release.