The Corporate Impact Analysis Tool helps banks and investors gain a cross-cutting view of the impact status and possibilities of their clients and investee companies. Based on the Positive Impact Initiative’s unique approach, it provides a holistic analysis of companies’ impacts across different sectors and countries.

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The findings of the Tool are intended to help users manage their portfolios, set and meet impact targets, and ultimately become more effective at managing impact related risks and opportunities in close collaboration with their clients and investee companies.

It is also anticipated that the Tool may be used by corporates themselves as a contribution to strategic planning and business development.

The Tool is open source and freely available (for direct use or for adaptation and integration into proprietary systems), in a deliberate effort to promote transparency and continue to create a space for debate, consensus-building and harmonization.


This is the very first edition of the Corporate Impact Analysis Tool. Help us to improve it!

Whatever your profile your views are important:

  • If you are a financial institution, or a non-financial company, please share your user experience and feedback with us
  • If you are a topic or impact expert, help us to refine the Tool’s in-built sector-impact mappings
  • If you are a policy-maker, a regulator or other form of standard-setter, help up us to go further in connecting the dots between your standards, policies or regulations and the Tool.



The conclusions derived by users via the Tool are their own. Only the Tool methodology can be attributed to UNEP FI.