The Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks represents a great step forward for holistic impact analysis in banking. Developed jointly by the Positive Impact Initiative with signatories of the Principles for Responsible Banking and UNEP FI Member Banks, the Tool will help banks analyze the impacts associated with their retail (consumer and business banking) and wholesale (corporate and investment banking) portfolios. The analysis will enable banks to set targets where it matters in order to drive their contribution to society’s goals, as required by the Principles for Responsible Banking.

Download the Tool here

The Tool is open-source. It is a priority for UNEP FI to ensure transparency and replicability. All technical specifications are provided inside the Tool.


This is the very first edition of the Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks. Help us to improve it!

  • If you are a bank, please share your user experience and feedback with us
  • If you are a topic or impact expert, help us to refine the Tool’s in-built sector-impact mappings



The conclusions derived by users regarding their most significant impact areas and areas of priorities are their own. Only the tool methodology can be attributed to UNEP FI.