The Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks an iterative input-output workflow which requires users to input data to describe their portfolio and to reflect their current impact performance. The Tool uses the input data in combination with a set of in-built impact mappings to produce a number of outputs, in particular a set of impact profiles by business line, and to guide the user in identifying the bank’s most significant impact areas and determining priorities, thus setting the basis for strategy development and target-setting as per the requirements of the PRB.

Version 2 comes with an updated User Guide. The new User Guide now also includes an explanation of the UNEP FI Holistic Impact Analysis Methodology and its application to bank portfolios, as well as a host of tips on how to prepare for and get started with holistic portfolio impact analysis, including options for implementing the methodology with or without ‘off-the-shelf’ usage of the Tool.

Download the Tool here.

Download the User Guide for Version 2 of the Tool here

Access an interactive online introduction to the Tool here.

Watch the launch and walk-through of Version 2, featuring UNEP FI, SASB, Piraeus Bank here.

Access the demo version (includes dummy data) of the Tool here.