The AAIB joined UNEP FI in April this year becoming the second member from Egypt to join our global sustainable finance network. For many years, the bank has been active in embedding sustainability practices in their business and in the industry.

Hassan Abdalla, CEO of AAIB said in a statement that “The UNEP FI is bound to have an instrumental role in advancing Arab African International Bank’s efforts that started as early as 2003 to substantiate and scale sustainable finance to become an industry movement in Egypt and the MENA region”.

Eric Usher, UNEP FI Head, complimented AAIB on the great strides they have made, on their sustainable finance journey and said “Thanks to its size, and sophistication, Egypt has always been considered by UNEP FI as a key market for initiating positive market transformation through sustainable finance practice.  We are delighted to have the AAIB on board as our second signatory in the country. We look forward to working with both members to advance the sustainable finance industry movement in Egypt and the region”.

In 2014, they founded “MOSTADAM” in partnership with the ECRC and UNDP, the first platform to promote sustainable finance in Egypt through capacity building.

By joining UNEP FI, AAIB aims to learn more about current global sustainable finance practices, connect with peers and share experiences.

The AAIB is a signatory of Equator Principles since 2009