The Jordan Ahli Bank joined UNEP FI in January, thus becoming the first bank in Jordan to be a part of the initiative and the second to join from the country.

Recognising its environmental and social responsibility, Ahli Bank has incorporated management policies that resonate with environmental standards and has been a pioneer in making environmental awareness an integral part of its culture. Current explicit social responsibility pillars in the Bank include education and youth, community empowerment, art and culture, and entrepreneurship and innovation.

Within its current vision and aim to be a model banking institution that is environmentally and socially responsible, the bank commits to working with UNEP FI to integrate Environmental and Social considerations further in its business management model.

About Jordan Ahli Bank

Jordan Ahli Bank is a Jordanian institution founded in 1955 with main offices in Amman, Jordan. It provides various banking products and services in Jordan, Palestine, and Cyprus.

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