Rowan Griffin
Head of Sustainability, Property, Lendlease Investment Management

Representing UNEP FI member: Lendlease Investment Management (Australia)

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Climate change continues to threaten the long-term future of the planet as we know it as we need to increase driving change in the global economies to assist in arresting this trend. The importance of the environmental/social/governance themes have experienced an enormous growth, especially since the Paris agreement, and creating positive impact is the next focus area. My strong drive and commitment to be able to influence and support change in the sphere of influence enabled through the UNEP-FI in combination with my role at Lendlease is why I am putting forward this motivation to fill the Open position on the Steering Committee.

Sustainability is a core principle and value pillar for Lendlease (an Australian listed global organization), and is supported by a sustainability framework that underpins Leanlease’s vision “To Create the Best Places”, and supports Lendlease’s commitment to contribute to making a difference in ethical, social, and environmental mega-trends. In 1973, the founder of Lendlease stated that “Companies must start justifying their worth to society, with greater emphasis placed on environmental and social impact rather than straight economics”, and this philosophy continues to inform the business purpose.

I wish to continue taking and am committed to, an active role in the development of sustainable outcomes, building on my experience in this field. Having been associated with a signatory of UNEP FI for around 10 years, and having been the Co-chair of the UNEP-FI Property Working Group from December 2009, for a 2-year period, and having continued being an active member of this working group, and contributing to issues and papers throughout the period till now.


Rowan joined Lendlease in 2014 and as Head of Sustainability for Lendlease’s Property operations in Australia is responsible for the development and implementation of Sustainability Strategy at a local and international level. Rowan ensures sustainability value is integrated across Lendlease’s portfolio of urban development and investment activities – delivering places that are valued by our customers and investors – ‘places for people’.

Rowan has more than 30 years’ experience in project and development management, investment, operations and general management, and responsible property investment and sustainability.

Prior to joining Lendlease, Rowan was Head of Sustainability – Property, Colonial First State Asset Management (CFSGAM) for 15 years, a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Prior to this, Rowan managed Barprop Limited, a property company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange South Africa.

Rowan is a member of (and was the previous co-chair) of the Property Working Group of UNEP FI from December 2009 till December 2011. He is a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of the World Green Building Council (WGBC), and the Chair of the Property and Infrastructure Working Group for the Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC), and is the past chair of the Property Council of Australia’s National Sustainability Roundtable. Rowan is a Fellow of the RICS and the API professional associations.

Rowan holds a Bachelor of Building Science from the University of Natal, South Africa and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of South Africa.