Frank Hovorka
Director of Strategy and Member of the Executive Board, QUARTUS

Representing UNEP FI member: QUARTUS (France)

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As I was personally involved in UNEP FI since 10 years with my previous position. I’ll be particularly glad to continue to act and share with the GSC members, especially through the development of transversal projects with the differents industries. I’ll also be in capacity to dedicate the necessary time to serve and represent UNEP FI properly.

I propose to work particularly in raising awareness about the role of  investors in creating positive impact using ESG indicators and translation tools between different stakeholders. To develop recommendations, defining how to implement ESG investment in practice, including case studies from investors and therefore, contributing to capacity and skills building. and finally, to promote thought leadership and incentivize collaboration between, banks, responsible investors and insurance companies.


Involved in sustainability investment and especially real estate since 20 years. My career is dedicated to sutainability integration into building projects and financial tolls dedicated to real estate. I worked for the “Caisse des depots” group in charge of the real estate sustainable development policy. My role was the integration of ESG criteria in the business of different subsidiaries form REIT as ICADE ( 9 billions € of asset) to social housing as SNI ( 350 000 flats) and also non direct investment through funds.

From 2014  I worked in the strategic steering department under the authority of the deputy  CEO of Caisse des Depots. I act  in different investment boards and as a shareholder representative in the subisdiary Exterimmo which developed financial and technical proposal for energy efficiency retrofit of public real estate. I also represented the group in different stakeholders platform in France and Internationally as EEFIG for example.

Since May 2017, I am the head of Strategy including digital, innovation and ESG of the group QUARTUS dedicated to real estate development. The baseline of this group is to be dedicated to customer satisfaction through building as a service.My role is to develop the impact analysis and solutions of our developments. (energy efficiency, GHG, financial performance indicators….)