Jacki Johnson
Group Executive, People, Performance & Reputation, Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

Representing UNEP FI member: Insurance Australia Group (IAG) (Australia)

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My key motivation for continuation on the Global Steering Committee is based on a personal and professional level.

As an Executive of IAG I am committed to playing a role where I can help influence to “make our world a safer place”. The purpose of IAG. On a personal level, my purpose of assisting people and communities to adapt, learn and strengthen their resilience aligns with contributing on this Steering Committee. My original profession as an Occupational Therapist with a Safety Science qualification, and now with over 27 years in the Insurance industry, all provide sound experience for me to constructively contribute. The roles I have played in assisting teams and communities recover after cyclones, floods, bushfires and Earthquakes contribute to my Vision for UNEP FI to help the world mitigate the risk of social and economic impact of increasing events. I see the challenge is to build on the strong foundations and take it to the next level where communities can prepare adapt and strengthen, through the work we have now started in partnership with NAB to develop a Resilient and Sustainable Finance Roadmap in Australia and New Zealand. I believe that my time as UNEP FI GSC member for Asia-Pacific has been served well, and I would value the opportunity to continue to build on the momentum that has been begun through the roadmap work.

Knowing that the financial services industry will play a critical role in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the combination of IAG’s organisational purpose and my own individual purpose, outlined above, makes me incredibly excited about the role UNEP FI and sustainable finance can play in helping business contribute to the delivery of the SDG’s.


Jacki is Group Executive, People, Performance & Reputation and reporting to the CEO sits on the Group Leadership Team (GLT), reporting to the Board of Directors. As part of the GLT she is accountable for the collective setting of Group-wide organisational strategy and has accountability for one of the three organisational strategic priorities on organisational Agility. She plays a critical role in the delivery of group-wide priorities and the development of a truly purpose led organisation with a high-performance culture and strong reputation that drives the performance of the organisation. She has ensured the Board and GLT considers the SDGs in strategy setting and led the organisations overall approach to ESG and Sustainability.

In 2017 she worked with her colleagues on the GLT to endorse and approve a group-wide Climate Action Plan that is embedded across the organisation. She also led IAG’s first TCFD aligned disclosure and continued acknowledgment on the DJSI World Index. More recently Jacki has taken a lead role in the development of a Resilient and Sustainable Finance Roadmap for Australia and New Zealand and engaged extensively across the finance sector, government and regulatory bodies to galvanise support and commitment to this work, in partnership with UNEP FI and NAB as the Insurance and Banking GSC members for Asia-Pacific.

In her current role on the UNEP FI Global Steering Committee, she has actively contributed to the global strategy and taken a Committee level accountability for approach to financial management.
She is a member of Chief Executive Women and a member of the Steering Committee for Sydney 100 Resilient Cities. Jacki is Non-Executive Director for Community First Credit Union and a member of the Member of Corporate Governance and Remuneration Committee and an Executive Director of IAG International Holdings and a member of the IAG Ethics Committee.

From 2010 to 2016 Jacki was Chief Executive for IAG’s New Zealand business. Former roles include President of the Insurance Council of New Zealand, Chair of the Christchurch Recovery Chief Executives’ meeting, and Executive Director IAG NZ.

Since joining IAG in 2001, Jacki has held several senior positions in both direct and intermediated insurance, including as Chief Executive Officer of IAG’s business partnerships division. Jacki also established IAG’s online start-up business, The Buzz which received an Australia Business Award in 2010 for outstanding achievement in Innovation. This business was migrated into IAGs direct business.

Jacki was recognised by the NZ Herald in December 2015 as NZ Executive of the Year. She is a former Non-Executive Director of the New South Wales WorkCover Authority and the Personal Injury Education Foundation.