Eric Williamson
Executive General Manager, Corporate Finance, National Australia Bank

Representing UNEP FI member: National Australia Bank (Australia)

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My strong motivation to continue in the Asia Pacific Banking position for UNEP FIs Global Steering Committee (GSC) stems from my keen interest in ensuring Australia is actively engaged in the cutting edge of global sustainable finance developments and to be able to sharing our insights and learn from a global peer group of like mined financial institutions. I believe I can contribute to strong governance and the strategic direction of UNEP FI and support the emerging sustainable and responsible finance agenda through a role on the UNEP FI GSC, particularly within the Asia-Pacific region. The role UNEP FI and its members is unique in bringing together all parts of the finance sector – banks, insurers and investors to lead and deliver on the sustainable finance agenda around the world. This is critical to progressing the fight against climate change and supporting the achievement of the sustainable development goals – I firmly believe we can only do this by working together. NAB has been involved with the UNEP FI since 2003 and I would be honored to personally contribute to the work of the GSC going forward as the finance sector around the world works together to build back trust with its customers and local communities.

If my nomination for the Global Steering Committee is supported, I believe I can contribute with a new but experienced voice, which I believe can greatly benefit the Committee and the work of UNEP FI.


I believe financial institutions have a key role to play in supporting the low carbon transition and in underpinning sustainable development. With an extensive background in capital markets and treasury, I currently lead the Corporate Finance team at National Australia Bank (NAB). Within the Corporate & Institutional Bank, the Corporate Finance team plays a key role in delivering NAB’s extensive sustainable finance work. This supports the bank’s large corporate and institutional clients both in Australia and New Zealand and the international markets in which NAB operates – in Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. In this role, I have supported the development of new and innovative green and sustainable finance products that have often led the market in Australia. In addition to supporting our customers, I Chair NAB’s Climate Change Working Group –leading a Group-wide cross-functional team that is implementing NAB’s climate change strategy – which covers work on both the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. In my role of Chief Risk Officer for the NAB’s Corporate & Institutional Bank I saw the importance of effective management of environmental, social and governance risks on a day to day basis and have encouraged and supported ongoing integration of ESG risk into our Risk Management Framework.

I’m proud to have recently supported several innovative contributions to sustainable finance including a green tranche RMBS (Residential Mortgage-Backed Security), a Low Carbon Shared Portfolio that provides investors with access to a share of renewable energy loans; two SDG Green bonds, which contribute towards meeting specific SDGs, and ESG-linked loans in the UK market.

During 2018, I was privileged to have filled the UNEP FI GSC position for Asia-Pacific Banking following the departure of my colleague Steve Lambert from the bank. In this role I worked closely with Jacki Johnson from IAG, to co-sponsor a successful UNEP FI sustainable finance conference in Sydney. NAB’s collaboration with IAG, as well as UNEP FI, the Australian Investor Group on Climate Change, the Responsible Investment Association of Australia and PRI Australia delivered a successful conference and has led to support for the development of sustainable finance roadmaps for Australia and New Zealand.